Algorithm Development Group (AlgoDev)

The Algorithm Development Group at the Department of Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics in Modena is a group of developers devoted to implementing, mainly, algorithms devised as a part of the research activity of the Algorithmic Research Group, in the form of open-source software projects.

As for our cultural background, we are computer-science undergraduate students, postgraduate students, researchers and assistant professors. Of course we share a passion for developing, or at least striving to develop, high-quality software that implements non-trivial, interesting algorithms.

Some of the outcomes of our activity are: the fastest Linux and FreeBSD packet schedulers providing near-optimal packet-delay, packet-jitter and bandwidth guarantees, a Linux storage-I/O scheduler that guarantees, e.g., interactive applications to be highly responsive, regardless of the background I/O workload.

Last updated: November 5 2015.
Paolo Valente (paolo DOT valente AT unimore DOT it)